Nupur Puri Halder has been promoted to the position of Business Director – Digital Media Planning at OMD APAC. Previously, Nupur served as the Associate Business Director – Digital Marketing, where she demonstrated outstanding leadership and strategic vision in the realm of digital marketing. She announced her promotion on LinkedIn, sharing her excitement and gratitude with her professional network.

Nupur’s journey at OMD APAC has been marked by her ability to drive impactful digital marketing initiatives and her knack for developing robust strategies that have significantly benefited the agency’s clients. Her promotion comes as a recognition of her exceptional contributions and her potential to lead the digital media planning efforts at a higher level.

In her LinkedIn post, Nupur expressed her enthusiasm for her new role, stating, “Thrilled to announce my promotion to Business Director – Digital Media Planning at OMD APAC. Grateful for the incredible journey so far and looking forward to this new chapter. Excited to lead our talented team and drive innovative digital media strategies.”

With her promotion, Nupur Puri Halder is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital media planning at OMD APAC, contributing to the agency’s continued success and helping clients achieve their marketing objectives in a dynamic digital world.

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