Rahul Sinha joins Zee News as Managing Editor.

There is news from ‘Zee News’ that well-known TV journalist Rahul Sinha has made a comeback. He has taken up his responsibility as the Managing Editor of ‘Zee News’ here. Rahul Sinha will lead the channel’s news operations and contribute to its success by shaping the channel’s programming and editorial strategy. He will take over from the Noida office and will report to the CEO of the channel.

Sinha previously worked at TV9 Bharatvarsh, where he worked for around 4 years. He has worked with Zee News in the past where his stint lasted 18 years, starting 2002.

With over 26 years of experience in journalism, Sinha began his career with Veer Arjun newspaper in Moradabad. He then transitioned to television journalism by joining Jain TV, followed by a stint at Sahara Samay. In 2002, he embarked on his long association with Zee News, serving diligently for nearly two decades before parting ways in 2020.

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