The inaugural ‘Ball on the Terrace’ event is set to dazzle Cannes Lions in celebration of Pride on Friday, June 21, 2024, at 5:30 pm.

Revry is presenting a dynamic blend of culture and innovation, showcasing the latest LGBTQ+ streaming audience insights powered by Nielsen, alongside top-tier Vogue performers from the Paris ballroom scene. Attendees will witness fierce battles for the crown and the title of Vogue Champion of Lyon.

Hosted by Revry co-founders Damian Pelliccione, Alia J Daniels, and Chris Rodriguez, with special participation from Nielsen’s Stacie deArmas, this Cannes Lions event is a must-attend. Legendary voguing icon Jack Mizrahi Gorgeous-Gucci and Vinni Revlon, father of the House of Revlon Paris, will serve as MCs for the evening. The event is open to all Cannes Lions pass holders.

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