Rita Verma, formerly Head of HR at DDB Mudra Group and Interbrand India, where she led Diversity and Inclusion efforts, has recently joined Omnicom Media Group as Chief Talent Officer.

In her previous role, Verma was instrumental in managing a dynamic and diverse workforce, focusing on talent development initiatives to ensure continuous growth and optimization of human resources. She successfully aligned evolving people strategies with business objectives, fostering transformative change to support company growth.

Verma played a key role in overseeing Omniwomen, an Omnicom initiative aimed at advancing women into senior leadership positions, and OPEN Pride, an initiative promoting LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and broader community. Additionally, she contributed significantly to the Diversity & Inclusion agenda by crafting a Gender-Neutral Policy to uphold equal opportunities and eliminate discrimination within the organization.

Verma’s professional journey began at Market Solutions, followed by roles at Career Graph and Willis Towers Watson, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience in talent management and HR practices. Her extensive background and expertise make her a valuable addition to the leadership team at Omnicom Media Group.

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