In our exclusive interview with Goafest 2024 participants, we explore the vibrant experiences and insights of some of the brightest talents in the advertising industry. These creative minds share their journeys, highlighting the innovative strategies and groundbreaking campaigns that brought them to this prestigious festival. They discuss the dynamic shifts in advertising trends, the importance of cultural relevance, and the role of technology in shaping modern narratives. From networking opportunities to inspiring sessions, the participants offer a comprehensive look at what makes Goafest a hub for creativity and industry evolution. Dive into their stories to understand the future of advertising.

Rana Barua – CEO, South East & North Asia Havas

Dheeraj Sinha – CEO, India & South Asia – FCB Group

Rupesh Wadekar – (Senior Manager) Brand & Marketing – The Walt Disney Company

Aneri Jain – General Manager(Marketing) – Subway India

Ananda Sen – Head of Creative Brand Marketing – redBus

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