MarketsMojo, a data-driven fintech platform specializing in equity research, has appointed Amit Golia as its Group CEO. Golia, with over 23 years in the capital markets industry, is set to lead growth initiatives at MarketsMojo. Previously, he spearheaded investments and neo-banking at Tata Digital and was the chief business officer at SBICAP Securities, driving its digital transformation.

Amit Golia also played pivotal roles at Axis Securities and Motilal Oswal Securities. Mohit Batra, founder of MarketsMojo, expressed confidence in Golia’s leadership aligning with their mission to empower investors. Golia is enthusiastic about his new role, aiming to expand wealth management services and leverage technology to enhance investment opportunities for Indian investors. His extensive experience and digital-first approach are expected to drive MarketsMojo to new heights.

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