Grip, India’s largest high-yield investment platform, has announced its expansion into fund management and portfolio management distribution services. Investors can now access Grip’s investment products, including corporate bonds and securitised debt instruments (SDIs), through managed structures. Grip’s business will encompass three lines: its online investment platform, Grip Invest, and newly launched SEBI-regulated Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) and Portfolio Management Services (PMS) verticals.

Vaibhav Laddha, formerly Chief Business Officer, has been promoted to CEO of Grip Invest. Over the past two years, he has been instrumental in driving growth, strategic partnerships, and enhancing investor experience. Nikhil Aggarwal, Founder of Grip, will become Group CEO, collaborating closely with Vaibhav and overseeing the expansion.

Nikhil Aggarwal stated that the fund management business leverages Grip’s extensive investment options, particularly SDIs. He praised Vaibhav’s strategic acumen and alignment with Grip’s vision. Vaibhav expressed excitement about leading Grip Invest’s growth, highlighting the platform’s innovative, high-yield investment products and exceptional investor experience.

Grip Invest, a SEBI OBPP licensed platform, has enabled 26,000 investors to make over ₹1,000 crore in investments. In May 2024, it facilitated 12% of pan-India retail investments in high-yield fixed-income products and 80% in SDIs. With the introduction of AIFs and PMS, Grip aims to offer greater flexibility and cater to a broader investor base, allowing for both active and passive investment strategies.

This strategic expansion and leadership change mark a significant chapter in Grip’s growth, emphasizing its commitment to providing innovative, high-yield investment solutions and democratizing investment opportunities in India.

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