Following the exhilarating conclusion of the cricket finals, emotions ran high as India claimed a monumental victory. To mark this significant moment, Hellmann’s and SOCIAL collaborated to offer cricket fans an unforgettable celebration. They launched the “Hell of a Win” burger as part of the limited-edition Hellmann’s Mood Burgers menu, harnessing the power of moment marketing. Crafted with insights from Ridhi Golechha, a Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach, Counselling Psychologist, and Integrative Health Coach, these burgers feature nutrient-rich ingredients tailored to celebrate every post-match feeling.

The “Hell of a Win” burger, bursting with bold flavors, is a delicious tribute to India’s triumph. This unique menu is designed with special ingredients that energize cricket fans and elevate their match-day experience. Hellmann’s Mood Burgers encapsulate the spirit of cricket season, celebrating India’s passion for the game and creating a memorable experience for all.

Available throughout June, Hellmann’s Mood Burgers can be enjoyed at 53 SOCIAL locations or ordered via Swiggy and Zomato.

About the Collaboration:

Hellmann’s and SOCIAL have unveiled a unique, limited-edition ‘Mood Burgers’ menu tailored for the cricket season. These burgers are designed to help fans get match-ready based on their pre-game moods.

The menu features three variants (both veg and non-veg): the “Eyes on the Prize Burger” for energy, the “Get Charged Up Burger” for thrilling matches, and the “Drop the Jitter Burger” for those intense, nerve-wracking games.

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