Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Sunil Gavaskar, and Virender Sehwag share a surprising connection beyond their roles in cricket or as team owners: they’re all brand ambassadors for Pan Masala companies. Pan Masala has become one of the top advertising categories in the IPL this year, with an estimated spend of Rs 350 crore for ad placements in IPL 2024. Media buying experts reveal that a significant portion of this budget, approximately Rs 250 crore, has been dedicated to television advertising.

Pan Masala brands accounted for 10 percent of the total ad volume during the first 39 matches of IPL 2024, indicating their significant presence in the league. Despite the seeming disparity, Pan Masala brands view IPL as a strategic platform due to its broad reach on television and digital platforms.

These brands invest heavily in IPL advertising to reach their target audience, particularly male viewers and consumers in smaller towns where Pan Masala consumption is high. Celebrity endorsements during IPL help build brand awareness and attract new customers in a segment known for its user loyalty.

Leading Pan Masala brands dominate the list of top advertisers during IPL, with Vishnu Packaging and K P Pan Foods among the top spenders. A ‘powered by’ partner in this category typically invests between Rs 150 crore to Rs 200 crore on IPL, while other advertisers spend around Rs 100 crore, representing approximately 60 percent of their annual advertising budget.

It’s worth noting that while Pan Masala brands appear prominently in IPL ad breaks, these advertisements actually promote ‘mouth freshener’ products. This tactic is a form of surrogate advertising, allowing companies to bypass regulations on promoting restricted products like Pan Masala.

Overall, IPL offers unparalleled visibility and a platform for brand association with youth, glamour, and entertainment, allowing Pan Masala brands to transcend the traditional image of their products.

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