Gopa Menon, the Digital Head for South Asia at Mindshare, a media services company part of GroupM and WPP, has resigned.

During his tenure at Mindshare, Menon was instrumental in driving digital transformation for the network. He strategized and implemented business strategies, digital strategies, and roadmaps for Mindshare South Asia and its clients. Additionally, Menon focused on enhancing Mindshare’s performance, e-commerce, and Martech capabilities.

Menon’s responsibilities included formulating and implementing organization-wide policies, facilitating collaboration between Mindshare and GroupM agencies to drive business and leverage opportunities. He also played a key role in developing comprehensive goals to drive Mindshare’s growth across the market, spearheading digital transformation processes for clients, and helping them bridge any gaps.

Furthermore, Menon was involved in headhunting, hiring, and mentoring a team of digital marketing experts across the company.

In other developments, Mindshare has appointed Kalyan Undinty from Reckitt as the Head of E-commerce. At Reckitt, Undinty successfully scaled a dynamic and sustainable e-commerce business over the past eight years. Additionally, Dimpy Yadav has been named the new Head of Digital Strategy at Mindshare. Before joining Mindshare, Yadav held multiple leadership roles at Xaxis India, including General Manager in her last position.

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