NP Singh, Managing Director and CEO of Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI), has announced his departure from the company after a 25-year tenure.

In a press release, Singh shared, “Today, I have a significant update to share. After nearly 44 years in my career, including a rewarding 25-year tenure at SPNI, I have decided to move on from my role as MD and CEO. Having reached many significant milestones with our team, I am now ready to focus on social change and shift from operational roles to advisory ones.”

Singh continued, “However, my commitment to SPNI and its success remains strong. During my time here, we have established industry benchmarks, expanded our reach, and achieved many noteworthy accomplishments. I am dedicated to ensuring our legacy of success continues and grows under the new leadership.”

Singh will continue to lead SPNI until a suitable successor is found. The company has initiated a structured succession planning process and hopes to share exciting news in the near future.

He concluded with, “I understand there may be speculation during this time, so I urge everyone to rely on our official updates. We are committed to sharing timely and transparent information through our established channels and will communicate any definitive updates directly.”

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