Punit Goenka, a prominent entrepreneur and executive in the media and entertainment industry, has acquired a majority stake in Maverick Media. Goenka, who also serves as MD & CEO of ZEE Entertainment Enterprises, made this investment personally to enhance the single-screen cinema experience across India.

Maverick Media, promoted by Vistaar Entertainment, focuses on improving large-screen cinema viewing nationwide. Goenka’s investment aims to expand single-screen theatres in tier II and III cities, leveraging his business expertise and understanding of consumer content preferences.

Goenka emphasized the cultural significance of cinema in India and its role in societal change. He believes reviving single-screen cinemas in smaller cities can provide economic opportunities for cinema operators and preserve the cultural essence of cinema.

In India, cinema is a family experience, and theatres play a crucial role in fostering family bonds through weekly film releases. Goenka’s investment aligns with this perspective, aiming to enrich the cinema-going experience for audiences across the country.

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