India, 6th May 2024: VML’s Former Head of Corporate Communications,
Rohini Saldanha has announced the launch of The PR Stop. [1], a public
relations firm that will provide comprehensive public relations and
communications solutions to clients across various industries.
Recognising the transformative power of strategic communication in
shaping brand perception and driving organizational success, The PR
Stop. Is a one-stop brand communications company that will enable
businesses to effectively reach their target audiences and drive growth
while carving a niche for themselves in a dynamic business landscape.

With a strong track record of building individual and company brand
identities, shaping brand narratives, and an extensive network of
industry contacts, Founder Rohini Saldanha brings a wealth of
experience, expertise, and capabilities to her new venture. Having built
her career as a turnaround specialist in the media and communications
industry, Rohini has held leadership positions in public relations and
marketing communications for over 18 years earning the trust of clients
in diverse verticals such as corporate, lifestyle, consumer, media, and
entertainment. Her belief in the importance of brands connecting with
consumers authentically drive her to utilize PR as a powerful tool for
competitive advantage, emphasizing the need for evolving content
strategies to stay relevant in changing consumer behaviours.

On launching her own company, Rohini Saldanha said, “_Simply put it was
the right time. I have been toying with the idea of officially launching
my own company for a while now. The final nudge came when an editor
friend of mine reached out to me regarding a client I represent and
asked me to regularly update them with my client roster. That got me
thinking that it was vital for me to promote my business as I was doing
myself (and others) a disservice by lying low. I guess the initial
hesitance came from a place of not wanting to put the cart before the
horse. However, having had clients signed on as retainers with me since
August 2023, I thought it was the opportune time to ‘pull out all the
stops’ in making my company official as my business is expanding.” _

Rohini further added, “_I was initially considering using my name as the
company name but besides the fact that it looks pretentious, I wanted a
brand name that was simple, easy to remember, and descriptive of my
offerings as a business. My advice to most clients is that there should
not be any conflict between you and the brand that you represent. You
are the brand and over time you should become synonymous with it which
is the ultimate litmus test. That is my intention with The PR Stop.,
where the work I have undertaken and will undertake for my clients
reflects my craft, capabilities, and passion for strategic
communications. So, whether you sign up with Rohini Saldanha or The PR
Stop., it is essentially the same thing.”_

The PR Stop. [1] offers a range of services, including content
development, media relations, crisis management, brand positioning, and
strategic counsel. The company’s current portfolio includes clients from
various sectors including creative, branding, recruitment, and DE&I.

About the PR Stop. – The PR Stop. is not just a PR firm; it’s a platform
for creativity, innovation, and strategic communications that drives
real results. By building strong relationships with clients and
understanding their unique needs, the firm is committed to becoming a
trusted partner in their communication journey. The company specialises
in creating compelling storytelling, strategic media relations, and
impactful and tailored communication solutions for clients across
industries seeking to enhance their presence in the market.

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