Zee News has appointed veteran journalist Anant Tyagi as the new anchor for its flagship DNA prime-time news show, which airs daily at 9 pm. Known for its in-depth research and fearless reporting, DNA will now benefit from Tyagi’s extensive experience and dedication to journalistic integrity. With over a decade in the field, Tyagi has covered major events such as state elections and significant socio-political developments, earning him a reputation as a trusted journalist in India.

Expressing his excitement, Tyagi stated, “I am honored to anchor DNA and continue its legacy of meticulous research and fearless reporting. I look forward to engaging with viewers and providing thorough, unbiased reporting and insightful analysis.”

Rahul Sinha, Managing Editor of Zee News, added, “We are thrilled to have Anant Tyagi lead DNA into this new era. His experience and commitment to integrity make him the perfect choice to deliver deeper and more insightful analysis of current affairs.”

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