Multinational tire manufacturer CEAT has appointed Vishal Pawar as Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Supply Chain Management, following the resignation of Saurav Mukherjee, who previously held the position.

Pawar began his career at TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited) before moving to CEAT and later working at Garware Technical Fibres. In his earlier role as Senior Product Manager at CEAT, Pawar was responsible for the product and brand management of tractor, car and utility vehicle, motorcycle, and scooter tires, as well as overseeing the overall brand through public relations and media planning.

Mukherjee started his career in the FMCG industry, working at Godrej Consumer Products, Nokia India, Vodafone East, and Kohler Co. As Director of Sales at Nokia, he managed organized retail (modern trade), Nokia Gear business, and the HCL account for North and East device business.

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