L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, part of Publicis Groupe India, has unveiled a thought-provoking film to celebrate the ‘Naali Bindu’ (Red Dot) initiative by Zee Sarthak, an Odia general entertainment channel.

The initiative addresses the continued isolation faced by approximately 28% of girls in India while having their periods, perpetuated by the misbelief that their shadows are impure. Using ‘Rabana Chhaya’, a dying traditional art form of shadow puppetry from Odisha, the film poignantly portrays the story of a girl subjected to this taboo and orthodox belief. Its powerful narrative aims to raise awareness and challenge menstrual discrimination.

The use of shadow puppetry in the campaign is symbolic; it reflects the shadowy stigma surrounding menstruation and challenges the notion that something as natural as a girl’s shadow can be impure. Odisha is a unique state where menstruation is celebrated during the Raja Parba festival. This cultural backdrop provides a powerful contrast to prevailing societal beliefs. The film will be aired on both television and digital platforms.

L&K Saatchi & Saatchi India’s ability to craft impactful narratives aligns perfectly with Zee Sarthak’s mission to challenge regressive norms. This campaign is a testament to the agency’s capacity to empower brands and communities, fostering deeper connections and promoting social progress.

Rohit Malkani, Chief Creative Officer, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi India, said, “Our association with Zee Sarthak and Nali Bindu is something we hold very dear. Every year, the entire team including our client puts on their thinking caps a month or so before Raja Parba to create a piece of communication that endears, cuts through and most importantly undoes a social knot. This year we are super proud of a creative output that not only seeks to highlight a social prejudice but revives a traditional art form as well.”

Pratik Seal, Chief Channel Officer, Zee Sarthak, added, “As a channel deeply rooted in cultural contexts, we understand the importance of addressing and challenging regressive norms. Our Naali Bindu initiative is an effort to eradicate menstrual discrimination and promote dignity and respect for young girls. By using Rabana Chhaya, we not only bring attention to a critical issue but also honour a traditional art form, thus driving impact and cultural significance.”

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