Netflix and KitKat have teamed up for a new collaboration focused on the theme of “breaks.” Fans can scan a QR code on the new KitKat packaging to enter the Netflix world. By purchasing the 38.5g or 57g KitKat variants and scanning the QR code, participants can access The Ultimate Break website for a chance to win KitKat x Netflix merchandise, with 100 winners selected daily. Additionally, users can create custom posters of popular Netflix shows by uploading their photos. This promotion is available only in India from June 1 to June 30, 2024.

To promote this collaboration, an ad film featuring KitKat’s brand ambassador, Ayushmann Khurrana, was released. The ad depicts Khurrana on a movie set, feeling bored with repetitive roles and yearning for a break. The campaign aims to blend KitKat’s association with breaks and Netflix’s reputation as a go-to break destination.

Suyash Barve, executive creative director at Manja, the agency behind the campaign, explains that the ad perfectly balances both brands. Netflix approached the agency for a film to build on past partnerships, and the challenge was to seamlessly merge KitKat’s break theme with Netflix’s brand. Khurrana was chosen because of his existing association with KitKat, making him an ideal visual mascot for this campaign.

The ad’s creation involved selecting scenes from Netflix shows and movies before writing the script, showcasing a unique process that resulted in an immersive experience for consumers.

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