Sun Neo, the latest venture by Sun TV Network, has appointed Madison Media Alpha, a unit of Madison World, as its Media Agency on Record (AOR) for its Hindi General Entertainment Channel (GEC). Madison Media Alpha, already renowned for its work with Sun Bangla and Sun Marathi channels under the Sun Network, now expands its portfolio to include Sun Neo Hindi GEC.

As the newest addition to Sun TV Network’s lineup, Sun Neo Hindi GEC marks the broadcaster’s foray into the Hindi-speaking market. Positioned as a powerhouse in the national television landscape, Sun Neo aims to solidify its presence with compelling content tailored for Hindi audiences.

Commenting on Madison Media Alpha’s appointment, a spokesperson from Sun TV Network expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce Sun Neo, our flagship Hindi General Entertainment Channel, to audiences across Hindi-speaking markets. With Madison’s proven track record on our other channels, we are confident in their ability to leverage their expertise and establish Sun Neo as a household name.”

Vishal Chinchankar, CEO of Madison Digital and Madison Media Alpha, reiterated the agency’s commitment to delivering impactful media solutions for Sun Neo Hindi GEC. “Madison’s long-standing association with Sun TV Network is a testament to the strong bond we have developed over time. With Sun Neo Hindi GEC now appointing us as their Agency on Record, we are dedicated to elevating the brand’s awareness in the Hindi markets,” he stated.

The partnership between Sun Neo and Madison Media Alpha signifies a strategic alignment aimed at driving growth and reaching new heights in the competitive Hindi entertainment landscape. With Madison’s expertise and Sun TV Network’s vision, Sun Neo Hindi GEC is poised to make a significant impact on audiences across the Hindi heartlands of India.

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