Cheil India secures Luminous Power Technologies’ creative agency role post a competitive pitch. Tasked with an integrated communications mandate, Cheil India aims to bolster Luminous’ journey towards sustainable energy solutions. With a focus on strategic campaigns and digital enhancement in the solar category, Cheil India will drive Luminous’ vision forward.

Having built a robust legacy over thirty-five years, Luminous is a trusted name in innovative energy solutions. With Cheil’s creative and marketing prowess, Luminous plans to strengthen its position in the rooftop solar segment, fostering consumer affinity through impactful campaigns.

Neeraj Bassi, Cheil India’s Chief Growth Officer, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to showcase their integrated capabilities. Neelima Burra, Chief Strategy Transformation and Marketing Officer at Luminous, echoed the sentiment, anticipating a fruitful collaboration for brand and business growth.

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