Pooja Sharma has been promoted to Co-founder and Director of Brand Advocacy at iCubesWire. She has been with the company for over two years, initially joining as Business Director in February 2022. Before iCubesWire, she worked at the influencer marketing platform Eleve Media.

Pooja announced her new position on LinkedIn, expressing her gratitude and excitement:

“I am incredibly grateful and excited to announce that I have been elevated to the position of Co-Founder & Director – Brand Advocacy at iCubesWire.

My journey over the past 2 years and 4 months has been nothing short of transformative, filled with invaluable experiences, immense learning, and numerous challenges. Today, my happiness knows no bounds as I share this wonderful news with you all.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Sahil Sir, Nishant Sir, my dedicated team, and my amazing family and friends. A special thanks to my supportive husband and my lovely daughter – without their unwavering support, this achievement would not have been possible. I have reached this milestone while truly enjoying every single role in my life. I have cherished every special moment along the way and am even more committed and excited to take on this new role.”

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