Cheil X has launched a new campaign for the MG Comet EV, highlighting its adaptability to urban mobility needs. Described as “street smart,” the MG Comet EV boasts features like easy manoeuvrability, spacious interiors, and advanced technology, making city driving more convenient.

The campaign includes three slice-of-life films set in urban environments, each demonstrating the car’s ability to navigate city challenges effortlessly. The first film focuses on the ease of parking, while the others emphasize its spaciousness, tech features, and manoeuvrability in crowded streets. The tagline “The Street Smart Car” encapsulates the campaign’s message.

Amit Nandwani, National Creative Director at Cheil X, explains that the campaign aims to position the Comet EV as the perfect city car for new-age urban drivers. Neeraj Bassi, Chief Growth Officer at Cheil X, adds that the campaign balances aspirational and light-hearted elements to appeal to a younger audience.


Agency: Cheil X

Chief Operating Officer: Sanjeev Jasani

Chief Creative Officer: Vikash Chemjong

Chief Growth Officer: Neeraj Bassi

National Creative Director: Amit Nandwani

Chief Strategy Officer: Sourav Ray

Vice President, Head of Operations: Kanika

Account Management Team: Kunal Sharma, Shweta Goel, Priyanka Saini, Shrey Gandhi, Anuja Bharati, Niharika Roy

Creative Team: Devdas Nair, Jitendra Kumar Kaushik, Rakshit Nair, Atif Mazhar Khan, Suryansh Sharma

Account Planning Team: Debopriyo Bhattacherjee, Shivani R

Production House: Red Comet Films

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