Dot & Key Skincare, a Kolkata-based beauty start-up, proudly announces its collaboration with Shanaya Kapoor, a significant milestone for both the brand and Shanaya’s burgeoning career. Known for her fresh energy and commitment to wellness, Shanaya perfectly embodies Dot & Key’s ethos of effective skincare rooted in potent actives. As the inaugural brand ambassador for Dot & Key, Shanaya brings a sense of novelty and excitement, aligning her rising star power with the brand’s fruit-forward approach.

This partnership represents a fusion of elegance, efficacy, and innovation, resonating deeply with the brand’s target audience of young millennials.

“I am thrilled to be the face of Dot & Key Skincare. Dot & Key’s products seamlessly fit into my daily skincare routine. As someone who has always incorporated homemade fruit treatments into my regimen, Dot & Key’s fruit-infused products have made my routine hassle-free and effective. I can’t wait to share my skincare journey with everyone,” says Shanaya.

Founded by the husband-wife duo Suyash Saraf & Anisha Saraf in 2018, Dot & Key aimed to provide essential solutions to skincare concerns.

Suyash Saraf, co-founder of Dot & Key, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Shanaya Kapoor to the Dot & Key Skincare family. Her vibrant personality, combined with her genuine passion for skincare and fruit-based beauty, resonates with our brand ethos.”

With Shanaya’s endorsement, Dot & Key solidifies its position as a pioneer in personal skincare, offering a comprehensive range of skincare essentials, including sunscreen, moisturizers, face washes, lip balms, and more.

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