POPxo, a part of the Good Glamm Group, has unveiled its #TwistOfLove campaign, featuring the brand new MyGlamm POPxo Love Collection, exclusively available on Myntra. This collection marks an exciting addition to POPxo’s expanding makeup range and comes with a fresh digital video campaign (DVC). The campaign is dedicated to celebrating the unique and unconventional love language of Gen Z.

In a world that celebrates breaking norms, #TwistOfLove emerges as POPxo’s rallying cry for embracing love on one’s own terms. It invites Gen Z to share their stories of love, friendship, and self-discovery through the vibrant and innovative MyGlamm POPxo Love Collection, featuring products like the 2-in-1 Lip Duo, 2-in-1 Face Duo, and Eye Duo. The playful packaging of the collection reflects the essence of the #TwistOfLove campaign, infusing joy and spontaneity into every aspect of users’ lives.

Ketan Bhatia, Group Brand Director at Good Glamm Group, shared, “At POPxo, we believe in celebrating love in all its forms and beauty in every expression. The #TwistOfLove campaign captures the essence of the MyGlamm POPxo Love Collection, from the vibrant packaging to the innovative product formulations. Our aim was to make the unique packaging reflect the campaign’s spirit of embracing the unexpected, encouraging users to explore new twists and turns in their beauty routines. This approach injects fun and spontaneity into every aspect of the user experience, empowering individuals to express themselves freely and authentically. We’re excited to partner with Myntra to exclusively offer MyGlamm POPxo, a platform that shares our commitment to delivering unique and exciting products to beauty enthusiasts.”

Anmol Sikka, Senior Director of Beauty and Personal Care at Myntra, added, “We are thrilled to further our collaboration with MyGlamm by offering the POPxo Love Collection exclusively on Myntra. This partnership seamlessly combines an array of innovative beauty products with Myntra Beauty’s seamless shopping experience, catering perfectly to the vibrant and dynamic spirit of Gen Z. Through the #TwistOfLove campaign, we encourage our customers to embrace their individuality and unique sense of style. The MyGlamm POPxo Love Collection is now available for purchase on the POPxo website, MyGlamm App, and Myntra website and App, inviting everyone to join in the celebration of love and self-expression.”

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