Policybazaar has launched a new ad campaign aimed at redefining car insurance experiences by highlighting its exceptional claims assistance. The campaign features three ad films that underscore Policybazaar’s commitment to swift and hassle-free claims processing through its Claims Assurance Program. This program offers services like dedicated claims managers, on-ground support, and 24/7 assistance.

Recognizing that accidents can be stressful, Policybazaar emphasizes the importance of quick and effective claims settlements. Sai Narayan, CMO at Policybazaar, explains that customer research shows a preference for robust claims support over low prices. The campaign, featuring relatable accident scenarios, assures customers of Policybazaar’s seamless claims processing and quick resolutions.

Hemant Misra, Managing Director at MagicCircle Communications, highlights that the campaign aims to realistically depict the anxiety surrounding car insurance claims and position Policybazaar as a reliable solution. The ads will be broadcast across various media channels, including television and digital platforms, to build awareness and change consumer perceptions about the claims process.

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