Nykaa, a leading destination for beauty enthusiasts, has taken the digital world by storm with its latest campaign, “NykaaWaaliShaadi,” captivating over 3.6 million viewers and trending at #6 on YouTube India. This nationwide sensation boasts an impressive reach of 400 million.

The campaign, aimed at fulfilling every bride’s dream of a “NykaaWaliShaadi,” offers an all-encompassing beauty and style guide tailored exclusively for the wedding season. Collaborating with renowned makeup brands like Lakme, MAC, Huda, and Maybelline, Nykaa has curated a unique experience for brides-to-be.

At the core of the campaign lies direct access to beauty experts who have sprinkled their magic dust on wedding preparations. Nykaa has partnered with the country’s top makeup artists, including Sonic Sarwate, Marianna Mukuchyan, Guneet Virdi, and Shraddha Luthra, to provide exclusive beauty guides and free bridal makeovers to lucky winners.

“NykaaWaaliShaadi” not only redefines bridal beauty but also sets a new benchmark in digital engagement, capturing the hearts and screens of millions across the nation. As the wedding season unfolds, Nykaa remains the ultimate companion for brides on their journey to the aisle.

A Nykaa spokesperson commented, “NykaaWaliShaadi isn’t just a campaign; it’s a celebration of love, beauty, and the joy of weddings! We were thrilled to bring this vision to life, offering brides and baratis across the country a one-of-a-kind experience filled with glam, style, and expert guidance.”

With a staggering 400 million reach, NykaaWaaliShaadi made waves nationwide! Expert MUAs also hosted retail masterclasses across Nykaa stores, attracting hundreds of attendees, including beauticians and future brides.

The wedding frenzy didn’t stop there! Nykaa partnered with Filtercopy to create two engaging digital films capturing the essence of NykaaWaaliShaadi. Both films trended at #6 on YouTube India within 24 hours and organically garnered 1.24 million views in 48 hours, with numbers continuing to rise.

Karen Thompson, Brand Director of MAC Cosmetics India, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the shared values of diversity, inclusivity, and innovation. Maybelline New York & Nyx, L’Oréal India’s General Manager Zeenia Shroff Bastani, echoed similar sentiments, celebrating the collaboration’s success.

Nykaa conducted a contest for brides-to-be, offering them a chance to have their bridal hair and makeup done by leading makeup artists. Over 3000 registrations poured in, with Diksha, one of the winners, expressing gratitude for the transformative experience.

From North to South, East to West, Nykaa covered bridal looks celebrating the rich diversity of the country, presented in vernacular languages, adding an extra touch of authenticity and charm.

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