The ABBY Awards 2024, powered by One Show, stand as a prestigious accolade in the media, marketing, and advertising industry, boasting a rich legacy that spans over five decades. Ajay Kakar, Chairperson of the Awards Governing Council for the ABBY Awards 2024 powered by One Show and a Managing Committee Member of The Advertising Club, shared insights into what has made the ABBYs a gold standard for more than 50 years.

“The joy of the ABBY Awards is that it’s more than five decades old,” Kakar began. Reflecting on a podcast by stand-up comedian Cyrus Broacha, he noted how the ABBY Awards have consistently remained a topic of discussion and admiration. This enduring relevance is a testament to the principles that the awards uphold.

What sets the ABBY Awards 2024 powered by One Show apart is its dedication to being an industry-driven platform. “ABBYs is by the industry, for the industry, and of the industry,” Kakar emphasized. Unlike other commercial awards, the ABBY Awards 2024 powered by One Show focuses on promoting and inspiring the industry, ensuring participation from all major agencies and independent verification by KPMG for transparency.

Kakar’s pride in the ABBY Awards 2024 powered by One Show was palpable as he discussed their influence. “Those who win at the ABBY in India go forward to also win at The One Show and Cannes,” he noted, highlighting the robustness and international recognition of the awards.

A significant milestone in the ABBY Awards’ journey is their partnership with The One Show, a globally recognized standard. “It is the ABBY Awards, bringing international standards and quality to India,” Kakar explained. This partnership elevates the ABBY Awards, aligning them with global benchmarks.

Participation and Entries

This year, the ABBY Awards saw a significant increase in participation from both media and creative companies. Specifically, there were 73 media agencies, up from 63 last year, and 198 creative companies, compared to 181 the previous year. The number of entries also saw a rise, with 1,258 from media agencies (up from 1,019) and 2,248 from creative companies (slightly down from 2,282). Overall, the total entries reached a record-breaking 3,506, surpassing last year’s 3,301. “It’s not just from the metros; it’s from far and wide,” Kakar noted, highlighting the awards’ appeal across India.

Prestigious Participating Agencies

The ABBY Awards 2024 powered by One Show welcomed back major agencies such as Lowe Lintas, McCann Worldgroup India, DDB Mudra, and Famous Innovations. Their participation underscores the awards’ prestige and the industry’s recognition of the ABBYs as a benchmark of excellence.

New Age Categories and Expanding Horizons

Reflecting the evolving landscape of the industry, the ABBY Awards 2024 powered by One Show introduced three new age categories: Digital, Mobile, and Technology. These categories alone garnered 626 entries from 75 companies, showcasing the industry’s innovation and adaptability.

Esteemed Jury and Inclusive Representation

Kakar pointed out, “If you have a good product, you also need to provide a great set of jury members.” The awards featured a distinguished panel of 23 Jury Chairs and 204 jurors across 23 categories. Notably, the jury included 68 female judges, contributing to a gender ratio of 33:67, and 9 out of the 23 Jury Chairs were women, reflecting a ratio of 40:60. This year also saw the introduction of 53 new, young, award-winning judges, who made up an impressive 26% of the jury, ensuring that the judging process remained contemporary and dynamic.

New Categories and Special Recognitions

In response to industry trends and feedback, the ABBY Awards 2024 powered by One Show introduced several new categories. These include the Best Use of AI sub-category in both digital and technology verticals, and Copywriting for web and digital craft in still digital and digital verticals. Additionally, a new vertical called Health has been added, featuring sub-categories such as OTC Oral Medicines, OTC Products, and Nutraceuticals. A specialist agency award, Health Specialist of the Year, has also been introduced to recognize the best performance in this new vertical.

Ajay Kakar encapsulated the spirit of the ABBY Awards 2024 powered by One Show: “Every year is good, but this year will be better.” This principle drives the continuous improvement and relevance of the ABBY Awards.

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