India’s premier ad festival Goafest 2024 is likely to take place in Mumbai. The 2024 event’s duration is expected to be two days instead of the usual three days.

The 17th edition of Goafest, featuring the prestigious ABBY awards, is scheduled to occur on May 30th and 31st, 2024. However, there’s a twist this time around – the iconic ad festival is expected to shift its venue from Goa to Mumbai, owing to the General Elections. Furthermore, Goafest 2024 will be condensed from a three-day affair to a two-day extravaganza.

Co-hosted by The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and The Advertising Club, Goafest 2024 in Mumbai promises to be a dynamic two-day event showcasing the zenith of creativity, knowledge exchange, and networking within the advertising, marketing, and media realms. Official confirmation from the organizers is anticipated imminently.

Traditionally drawing over 2000 industry professionals annually, Goafest organizers had anticipated heightened participation, particularly from advertisers, this year. Given Mumbai’s status as the financial capital and home to numerous top advertisers and agencies, Goafest 2024 is poised to witness a surge in attendance from these quarters. The festival serves as a platform for learning, acknowledgment, and jubilation within the industry.

In recent years, interest among Adlanders in the fest had been waning. Controversies surrounding scam ads, judging processes, and boycotts by leading agencies, including Ogilvy, had marred its reputation. There had even been debates about relocating the Abby awards back to Mumbai. Some questioned the relevance of Goafest, noting a shift in focus towards newer award shows and established accolades like the Effies.

However, after nine years, a pandemic, and numerous deliberations on the event’s quality and purpose, several top agencies that had previously abstained returned for the 2023 edition. Additionally, the Abby awards joined forces with the renowned One Show, resulting in increased agency participation and a notable uptick in entries. The ABBY One Show Awards 2023 garnered 2282 entries, a significant rise from the approximately 2000 entries in 2022, with 181 companies contending for the Creative ABBY 2023.

The 2023 edition also witnessed a stronger presence from clients and brand leaders, including representatives from ITC, Colgate, Google, Swiggy, and HDFC Bank, among others. Organizers had pledged to make the awards and festival more appealing to a new generation of agencies, talents, and clients, a commitment that paid off at the 2023 edition. The impact of the venue shift on this year’s festival remains to be seen. Nonetheless, for now, all signs indicate that Goafest is poised to transform into a Mumbai-centric affair.

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