Postmedia has an exclusive relationship with Puzzmo in Canada, so though I wasn’t shopping for a new daily games challenge, I’ve been giving it a try to see how it compares to NYT. Article content Puzzmo was founded by Zach Gage, a well-known game designer who also developed SpellTower, and Orta Therox the engineer behind the build. The new platform is geared to develop a community of competition.

Similar to the leaderboard on the NYT Games app or the much more involved (I assume) online community of “gamers” (like those who play Fortnite or Call of Duty), Puzzmo builds an environment for friendly competition and comradery. Not only are there leaderboards, but there’s also a comparative feature, so you can see how you rank among other users (like what percentile you fall under in terms of time and points).

Offering well-loved classics like SpellTower, Typeshift and Really Bad Chess, as well as newer options like Flipart and Cross|word, Puzzmo delivers fresh puzzles and crosswords daily and new game releases every three months. Puzzmo games will be available to Canadians free of charge. A paid subscription option to Puzzmo Plus unlocks new games and features in an ad-free experience with access to leaderboards and archives.

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