OMD Malaysia is pleased to announce the promotion of Chetan Muley to the position of Head of Strategy. Previously serving as the Strategy Director at OMD Malaysia, Muley’s new role marks a significant step forward in his career with the company.

Muley took to LinkedIn to share the news of his promotion, expressing his gratitude to his team and mentors for their support. He highlighted his excitement about the new responsibilities and his commitment to driving strategic excellence within the organization.

In his tenure as Strategy Director, Muley has been instrumental in shaping successful strategies that have driven client growth and innovation. His promotion to Head of Strategy reflects his exceptional contributions and the high esteem in which he is held by colleagues and industry peers.

OMD Malaysia looks forward to Muley’s continued leadership and strategic vision as he steps into his new role. His expertise and dedication are expected to further enhance the company’s capabilities and success in the media and advertising landscape.

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