Dentsu India has forged a strategic alliance with Ripplr, a digital-first distribution and logistics leader, to drive tailored growth strategies for clients.

Under the leadership of Narayan Devanathan, President & Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia at dentsu, alongside Ripplr Co-Founders Abhishek Nehru & Santosh Dabke, this groundbreaking collaboration aims to leverage their expertise in delivering client-centric solutions that bridge the gap between demand and supply chains.

The partnership will cater to clients in need of comprehensive distribution and customer-facing solutions. While Dentsu specializes in strategy, growth solutions, and execution for consumer-facing businesses, Ripplr focuses on strategy and execution encompassing technology and fulfillment for full-funnel distribution and logistics.

Initially targeting FMCG, retail, D2C, and other distribution-intensive sectors in India, the alliance plans to expand its offerings to additional markets and sectors over time to meet evolving industry demands.

Narayan Devanathan emphasized Ripplr’s digital-first leadership in distribution and logistics solutions and dentsu’s expertise in motivating consumer engagement across various channels. He highlighted their combined suite of solutions in marketing, technology, and consulting, enabling businesses to effectively bridge gaps across the entire value chain.

Abhishek Nehru highlighted Ripplr’s extensive reach, serving over one lakh retailers across multiple cities, and its robust tech-enabled playbook for FMCG brands. He emphasized the synergy between Ripplr’s execution capabilities and dentsu’s research, analysis, and strategy expertise in launching and scaling brands efficiently across geographies.

Harsha Razdan, CEO – South Asia, dentsu, underscored the importance of complementary solutions in meeting client needs and fostering sustainable growth in today’s dynamic business landscape. He emphasized that the partnership with Ripplr enables them to offer a comprehensive spectrum of distribution and customer-facing solutions, ensuring clients stay ahead in an ever-changing market.

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