Devyani International Limited (DIL), a prominent Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) operator in India, and PVR INOX Limited have strengthened their collaboration by announcing a strategic partnership. Together, they will establish a new company aimed at developing and operating food courts within Indian shopping malls.

Ravi Jaipuria, Non-Executive Chairman of Devyani International Limited, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, citing its role in solidifying DIL’s position in the Indian food courts sector and creating avenues for further growth. He emphasized DIL’s commitment to expanding its food courts business as a key pillar of future strategic growth.

Ajay Bijli, Managing Director of PVR INOX Limited, echoed the sentiment, stating their pleasure in partnering with DIL, a respected ally. He highlighted the opportunity for PVR INOX to diversify its revenue streams by tapping into pre-ticketed food and beverage sales, reducing dependence on movie line-ups. Additionally, he emphasized the collaboration’s unique selling point: the ability to jointly promote movies and food to a vast audience of 150 million.

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