EaseMyTrip.com, a prominent travel technology platform in India, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Wallet, heralding a significant advancement in customer experience. This collaboration seeks to transform the travel landscape by integrating all booking essentials into a single, user-friendly wallet, streamlining the journey for travellers, the company revealed.

Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip, emphasized the company’s commitment to enhancing customer experience, stating, “At EaseMyTrip, our focus is on prioritizing the overall customer journey. Through this integration, we are excited to provide our customers with a seamless process, offering easy access to boarding passes and essential travel information. This partnership goes beyond just adding another feature; it ensures that our users have access to the best facilities available.”

Ram Papatla, GM & India Engineering Lead for Android at Google, highlighted the launch’s significance in providing enhanced convenience for Android users nationwide. He commented, “The introduction of Google Wallet in India represents a significant milestone in Android’s journey in the country, bringing innovative and convenient experiences to simplify people’s daily lives. We are pleased to collaborate with many of India’s leading brands to offer a comprehensive solution that securely manages everyday essentials. From boarding passes to loyalty cards, event tickets to public transport passes, they are readily accessible when needed.”

Google Wallet was rolled out to Android users in India in May, offering a range of features aimed at enhancing convenience. While Google Pay remains the go-to app for payments, Google Wallet aims to elevate the Android experience in India by providing users with a more streamlined and efficient way to manage their digital essentials. Google has partnered with over 20 top Indian brands, offering one of the widest arrays of partners for any digital wallet in the country.

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