MGID, a global advertising platform, announced a new partnership today with Republic World (SARG Global Digital PL), the digital division of Republic Digital. As part of this deal, MGID’s services will be integrated into all of Republic World’s digital properties in India, including Republic Bharat, Republic Kannada, Republic Bangla, and Republic Biz.

Through this agreement, MGID will deploy its AI-powered native advertising solutions across Republic World’s web platforms to enhance user experience, engagement, traffic, and monetization. MGID’s high-quality, non-intrusive, contextually relevant native ads will help Republic World’s media brands monetize traffic while increasing page views.

This partnership will also allow MGID advertisers to reach an estimated audience of 30 million monthly users across all of Republic World’s web properties, significantly boosting the reach and impact of their ad campaigns. Additionally, MGID is partnering with the Republic Business Emerging Tech Award (RBETA) 2024 as an AdTech partner.

Pankaj Sharma, CEO of MGID, commented on the deal: “MGID is excited about the new business opportunities this partnership brings. It marks a significant step towards strengthening our position in the Indian market. This alliance will allow us to reach high-quality audiences and provide advertisers with enhanced opportunities to expand their reach. We created this platform to give publishers control, accuracy, and protection when integrating native ads, enabling them to maintain their brand integrity while engaging their audience. We look forward to a journey of innovation and success with Republic World’s Media.”

Tapan Sharma, COO of Republic World’s Media, added: “We take immense pride in the diverse portfolio of brands within Republic World’s Media and the unparalleled quality of content we consistently deliver to our audiences. Emphasizing independent, thought-provoking journalism alongside a commitment to consumer experience and performance, it’s imperative that our digital advertising partners align with these shared values — and MGID perfectly embodies all of these criteria.”

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