Devanshu Bhatia has joined the Adani Group as the Lead for Asset Branding. He previously served as the Vice President of Marketing at Oberoi Hotels & Resorts.

Bhatia announced this update on LinkedIn, expressing his excitement about the new opportunities ahead. He said, “Unveiling a new chapter in my corporate journey, I couldn’t be more thrilled about the opportunities that lie ahead. I have the privilege of joining the Adani Group Adani Enterprises Limited as the Lead for Asset Branding. I look forward to learning from my colleagues and mentors and contributing across all group businesses.”

In his new role, Bhatia will work with all Adani businesses to lead the One Brand vision. He brings over two decades of experience in various industries, specializing in digital marketing, brand building, driving growth, and establishing a high-performance culture.

Bhatia has also worked for companies such as India Today and Reliance Industries.

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