Siddharth Dabhade, the Managing Director (India) of MiQ, has departed after a tenure of over four years, as reported by media outlets. During his time at MiQ, Dabhade was instrumental in expanding the company’s marketing intelligence solutions across the region, significantly enhancing its market presence.

With more than two decades of extensive experience in digital marketing, customer relationship management, and business advisory, Dabhade previously held positions at global technology giants such as IBM, Microsoft, and Google. Before joining MiQ, he led Criteo’s Indian business.

As the Managing Director of South Asia at MiQ, Dabhade oversaw business operations, helping clients and agencies achieve their marketing and strategic goals. He was also a member of MiQ’s global commercial board, contributing to the company’s worldwide strategy.

Dabhade’s expertise includes people management, team building, customer success, revenue growth, and P&L management. He successfully launched new verticals such as education and media, and led the app project for MiQ APAC, providing an app download solution in the region. Recognized for his contributions to the online travel industry, Dabhade received an award for creating the Great Indian Travel Festival. Additionally, he is a mindfulness practitioner with over 1,000 hours of practice.

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