Reliance Retail has initiated a pilot program for immediate delivery of groceries and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in select areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, according to the Economic Times.

This quick delivery service, integrated into the JioMart application and referred to as the ‘hyperlocal delivery option,’ aims to reduce delivery times to 30-45 minutes as more stores are added to the system.

Unlike other companies offering 10-15 minutes delivery services, Reliance is not competing in the rapid delivery market. Instead, it is focusing on partnering with local kirana stores to ensure faster deliveries. In areas with limited store networks, Reliance plans to collaborate with kirana stores participating in the JioMart Partner initiative, which source products from Reliance Retail’s wholesale division and are integrated with its backend systems.

Reliance is leveraging technology platforms like FYND and Locus to optimize the fulfillment process and delivery routes. In the future, there are plans to expand the hyperlocal delivery service to include apparel and electronics.

Previously, Reliance launched a similar quick delivery pilot in Navi Mumbai last year, but it was discontinued.

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