India’s tourism industry has experienced a swift recovery post-pandemic, with travellers of all ages enthusiastically exploring both domestic and international destinations.

SOTC is a versatile, Indian-grown brand with a pioneering legacy spanning over 75 years, providing millions of travelers with enriching experiences. With its new positioning, “No one understands the Indian traveler better than SOTC,” the company aims to take this refreshed brand message in a new direction, reaching broader audiences and carving a new path in the travel sector.

Asif Riaz, Vice President & Head of Marketing at SOTC, discussed the reasons for partnering with 21N78E Creative Labs. He stated, “SOTC Travel has had an incredible 75-year journey in the industry, growing stronger each year. With our recent positioning, ‘No one understands the Indian traveler better than SOTC,’ we sought a partner who could support our vision and create a narrative that resonates with today’s audiences. We look forward to working with the 21N78E Creative Labs team to develop impactful and meaningful communication through their innovative approach.”

Nikhil Shahane, COO of 21N78E Creative Labs, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. He said, “We are thrilled to partner with SOTC, a leader in the Indian travel industry, and we are excited to collaborate on campaigns that will help them achieve their business goals. We are passionate about travel and eager to join SOTC on their next adventure. With several exciting initiatives already in the pipeline, we anticipate an exciting year ahead.”

He added, “21N78E is ready to push the envelope for the brand, driven by our team of travel enthusiasts. With a strategic understanding of the travel category and a desire to innovate, 21N78E aims to achieve some industry firsts in the coming months.”

SOTC’s account will be managed out of 21N78E Creative Lab’s Mumbai office.

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