boAt, a leading audio wearable brand, has teamed up with the versatile actress and singer Shruti Haasan to unveil the all-new Bassheads 122 ANC wired earphones. This collaboration celebrates the revival of 90s fashion, where iconic styles are making a stylish comeback with a contemporary twist. These earphones combine immersive audio quality with the reliability of a wired connection, making them ideal for those who appreciate classic designs with a modern flair.

The campaign, aptly named “Bass ReWired,” encapsulates the spirit of this modern revival. It emphasizes the return of wired earphones as a fashion statement, alongside other popular 90s trends like baseball shirts, leather pants, and miniskirts. This movement is about merging vintage charm with modern sensibilities to create a unique and eclectic fashion landscape.

“I’m thrilled to collaborate with boAt for the launch of the Bassheads 122 ANC,” said Shruti Haasan. “The 90s are making a strong comeback, and I love how these earphones combine classic wired functionality with exceptional sound quality. They offer a perfect way to relive the nostalgia of that era while embracing contemporary trends.”

A spokesperson from boAt added, “Shruti Haasan embodies modern versatility and perfectly captures the essence of Bass ReWired. Known for her talent and trendsetting style, Shruti aligns seamlessly with our campaign, bridging vintage vibes with a touch of modern elegance.”

With the Bassheads 122 ANC and the “Bass ReWired” campaign, boAt is bringing back the best of the 90s with a modern twist.

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