Spotify has launched its new in-house creative agency, Creative Lab, aimed at collaborating with brands and agencies to foster creativity with a Spotify-centric approach. This service will be available in 11 markets, including India, the US, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, and Italy.

Local Creative Lab teams in these markets will offer nuanced, region-specific insights and work closely with brands and agencies to develop campaigns through workshops, inspiration sessions, and collaborative ideation. Brands like The Coca-Cola Company and Royal Enfield are already utilizing Creative Lab to enhance their brand storytelling in India.

“Spotify inspires artists, creators, and advertisers at every stage to do what they do best: create. We currently collaborate with brands to help them reach new customers, strengthen brand reputation, and build trust. Through Creative Lab, we aim to provide an additional service that enables brands and agencies to tailor their campaigns and messaging for the Spotify audience,” said Arjun Kolady, Head of Sales – India, Spotify.

With Creative Lab, Spotify seeks to harness the creative, cultural, and contextual potential of its platform, helping advertisers engage with its highly engaged audience.

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