Delhi/Mumbai, 03rd June, 2024: Thriwe Consulting Private Limited (“Thriwe”) has today announced the launch of its latest loyalty offering, an end-to-end digital dining platform – Thriwe Culinary. Thriwe is a multisector-oriented solution for loyalty programs and benefits globally. It provides businesses tailored loyalty solutions and reward engines across diverse industries and has now strengthened its dining offerings for enterprises.

Thriwe Culinary is an innovative solution poised to redefine the way enterprises offer dining benefits to engage their customers. While most dining platforms available today are direct-to-consumer and retail-focused, Thriwe Culinary focuses on enterprises and their consumers. Along with offering exclusive dining benefits and unique experiences, Thriwe endeavours to provide long-term loyalty benefits with a diversified geographical presence.

This program is a global, technically evolved and advanced version of dining as a category within loyalty solutions. This step showcases the Company’s determination to grow with the changing consumer behaviour and market dynamics.

The program will have fine dining options, quick service restaurants (QSR), and premium dining chains from India as well as across other countries. It seeks to further offer its esteemed clients a range of benefits from mass to affluent to privileged categories to suit various end-user demographics and cost economies of the client. The program also seeks to easily integrate quick payment solutions with the dining platforms.

For the banking sector, Thriwe Culinary facilitates bank identification number (BIN) blocking and milestone-based reward segmentation to offer curated privileges for specific cardholders.

Speaking on the launch of Thriwe Culinary, Dhruv Verma, Founder and CEO, Thriwe said, “At Thriwe, we have always endeavoured to be at the forefront of offering modern customer loyalty solutions via our various programs. Over the past few years, especially post-Covid-19, we have noticed dynamic shifts in the way consumers are using dining benefits. Today, customers are ordering in on weekdays and dining out on weekends. With increased access to diverse cuisines, which are influenced by social media, the demand for them has risen. Thriwe Culinary is now ready to offer its customers an easy and customized dining experience catering to their needs.”

“Our global merchant network helps us get merchant-funded and unique offers from across the globe. This advanced digitally integrated ecosystem extends our vision in the form of a loyalty tech innovation where we aspire to cultivate a global dining program known for its evolved and personalized service”, he further added. Thriwe, which was launched in 2012, is one of the most diversified loyalty solution providers across India, Middle East, and South-East Asia, offering a diverse range of incentives, discounts, and rewards, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. The platform provides customers with curated, intuitive, personalized, and relevant offers customized to their preferences, ensuring an engaging experience, and fostering long-standing customer loyalty. The Company actively integrates data-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) and Application Programming Interface (API) platforms to power personalized customer programs across segments.

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