WPP and IBM have launched a new B2B solution powered by IBM’s AI and data platform, watsonx, aimed at revolutionizing how B2B marketers identify and engage clients throughout the buying journey. Named WPP Open for B2B, this platform addresses complex B2B marketing challenges, enhances engagement with buying groups, and boosts ROI for clients.

WPP Open for B2B leverages watsonx to integrate the expertise and proprietary capabilities of WPP and IBM. In collaboration with LinkedIn, the platform aims to help brands understand and effectively reach target buyers. Industry experts, like IDC’s Alan Webber, see this partnership as a significant advancement for the Fortune 1000.

Stephan Pretorius of WPP highlighted the platform’s ability to address B2B marketing’s unique challenges, moving beyond consumer marketing strategies. Jonathan Adashek of IBM emphasized the platform’s capacity to deliver personalized, data-driven insights for buying groups. Penry Price of LinkedIn noted the importance of building relationships with multiple stakeholders within buying groups.

Key features of the platform include:

AI-powered Buying Group Brain: Identifies target buying groups and helps deliver personalized, consistent experiences.

Orchestration and Optimization: Optimizes engagement and content delivery for buying groups.

CMO Command Center: An AI assistant providing data insights and helping CMOs make informed decisions.
IBM has already started using the platform to enhance its marketing strategies. The platform’s open, secure, and scalable design allows for easy integration with existing systems, supported by IBM Consulting for customization and adoption.

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