Cleartrip, a Flipkart Company, has appointed Anuj Rathi as Chief Business and Growth Officer. With a robust background in product development, business strategy, and growth initiatives, Anuj is well-equipped to advance Cleartrip’s mission of providing seamless travel experiences.

Anuj has held significant leadership roles over his two-decade career, including Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Jupiter Money and Senior Vice President of Central Revenue and Growth at Swiggy. At Swiggy, he played a key role in driving growth marketing, product management, and strategic partnerships.

In his new role at Cleartrip, Anuj will focus on business development, market expansion, and strategic partnerships to accelerate the company’s growth. Ajay Veer Yadav, Senior Vice President at Flipkart, expressed confidence in Anuj’s ability to innovate and enhance customer experience. Anuj is enthusiastic about joining Cleartrip, recognizing the opportunity to strengthen customer-centric offerings amidst India’s travel boom. His strategic insights and leadership will be crucial for Cleartrip’s success in the dynamic travel market.

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