Approach Entertainment Group, a leading media and entertainment company, has appointed Tushar Gondalia as the new Head of Gujarat operations. This strategic move aims to expand the company’s presence and enhance services in the region.

Approach Entertainment Group encompasses several entities, including the award-winning PR agency Approach Communications, Bollywood newswire Approach Bollywood, and the spiritual organization Go Spiritual India. Under the leadership of founder and Managing Director Sonu Tyagi, the group has received multiple accolades such as the Biz India 2010 Award and the PR Agency of the Year Award.

Tushar Gondalia brings over 19 years of media industry experience, with expertise in marketing, media relations, brand promotion, corporate communication, and social media strategies. His notable positions include Head of Marketing at Ezcure and Senior Marketing Executive at Colors Gujarati, Viacom18.

Sonu Tyagi expressed excitement about Tushar’s appointment, confident that his experience and creative vision will drive the group’s success in Gujarat. Tushar Gondalia also shared his enthusiasm, looking forward to contributing to the company’s growth and innovation in the region.

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