Media.Monks India has appointed Atif Rahman as Head of Client Relationships, continuing to strengthen its leadership team. Rahman, who brings over 21 years of industry experience, follows the recent appointment of Robert Godinho as Managing Director, India, which unified the client service and creative tech content hub under one management.

Rahman’s background includes leading Samsung India’s flagship portfolio at Cheil and consolidating Coca-Cola’s business under WPP at Ogilvy. Godinho emphasized Rahman’s role in enhancing Media.Monks India’s ability to deliver tech-first solutions and creative excellence. Rahman expressed enthusiasm for leveraging AI and data to boost brand engagement and campaign effectiveness.

Earlier this year, Media.Monks India also appointed Shouvik Roy to lead Business Transformation and promoted John Paite to Chief Creative Officer and Soven Mandal to Executive Creative Officer. Matthew Godfrey, EVP APAC at Media.Monks, highlighted India’s crucial role in the global network, emphasizing the strategic strength of the assembled leadership team.

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