Bandhan Life has appointed Indranil Dutta as Chief Business Officer – Bancassurance, a move indicative of its strategic vision to evolve into a leading multi-channel life insurance company, diversifying its product offerings and extending its market presence.

With over 23 years of experience spanning insurance, banking, and sales, Indranil brings a wealth of expertise in bancassurance to Bandhan Life. Notably, he played a pivotal role in fostering the partnership between Axis Bank and Max Life, which has since become Axis Bank’s largest distribution channel. His prior positions at Tata AIG Life Insurance, ABN AMRO Bank, and Citibank underscore his adeptness in relationship management, analytical insights, and innovative sales strategies, all of which will be instrumental in advancing Bandhan Life’s growth trajectory.

Satishwar B., MD and CEO of Bandhan Life, expressed enthusiasm about Indranil’s appointment, citing his strategic foresight and bancassurance proficiency as pivotal to driving the company’s ambitious growth agenda. He emphasized Bandhan Life’s commitment to empowering individuals’ financial aspirations through innovative, customer-centric life insurance solutions.

Indranil shared his excitement about joining Bandhan Life, highlighting the brand’s dedication to serving a broader audience in India. Leveraging digital capabilities, the company aims to facilitate seamless access to tailored solutions through its bank partners. Indranil emphasized Bandhan Life’s customer-centric approach and pledged to prioritize customer needs in all initiatives.

Bandhan Life’s recent announcement of plans to recruit 1,000 new employees underscores its dedication to bolstering its workforce and expanding its reach nationwide. Indranil’s appointment further solidifies the company’s commitment to nurturing a talented team capable of driving strategic initiatives and fostering overall growth.

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