Schneider Electric, a renowned global leader in digital transformation and energy management solutions, has recently appointed Koshika N. as the Head of Employer Branding for Greater India. With an impressive track record in Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding, and Strategic Sourcing, Koshika’s addition to the team promises to further elevate Schneider Electric’s presence in the region’s talent landscape.

Before joining Schneider Electric, Koshika N. held a significant position at BD, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding, and Strategic Sourcing strategies. Her tenure at BD equipped her with invaluable experience and insights into talent acquisition and brand positioning, making her a valuable asset to Schneider Electric.

Expressing her gratitude and excitement about her new role, Koshika took to LinkedIn to thank her colleagues at BD, including Gia Duong, Meng Cheng, Wee Binu Philip, Anoop Hiwalay, Sameer Karayi, and others, for recognizing her potential and providing her with the opportunity to embark on this new journey with Schneider Electric Greater India.

In her LinkedIn post, Koshika expressed her eagerness to collaborate with the talented leaders and teams at Schneider Electric, emphasizing her commitment to making a meaningful difference in the organization’s success journey. Her message resonates with enthusiasm and determination, reflecting her readiness to contribute to Schneider Electric’s mission of driving innovation and sustainable growth in Greater India.

As Head of Employer Branding, Koshika N. will be instrumental in strengthening Schneider Electric’s employer brand and attracting top talent across the region. Her strategic vision and collaborative approach are poised to create a dynamic work culture that fosters employee engagement and professional development.

Schneider Electric’s decision to appoint Koshika N. underscores the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace environment. With Koshika at the helm of Employer Branding initiatives, Schneider Electric Greater India is well-positioned to achieve new heights of success and innovation in the region’s competitive market landscape.

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