In a recent LinkedIn update, it was announced that Mayur Hola has transitioned from his role as Chief Marketing Officer at Culinary Brands to assume the position of Vice President of Brands at Swiggy.

In his new capacity, Mayur is tasked with bolstering Swiggy’s brand presence within the competitive food delivery landscape. This involves leveraging strategies that emphasize convenience, integrated marketing approaches, strategic planning, brand development, cultural relevance, and understanding consumer behaviors, all aimed at fortifying Swiggy’s market standing.

During his tenure at Culinary Brands, Mayur spearheaded initiatives spanning product innovations, menu curation, flavor profiles, texture enhancements, and marketing endeavors.

With a career spanning 23 years, Mayur has garnered diverse expertise across industries. From crafting engaging video games to orchestrating creative advertising campaigns and ultimately steering brand initiatives at a consumer tech start-up, his professional journey reflects versatility and innovation. Before making his mark as a marketing maven, Mayur honed his skills within the advertising realm, collaborating with esteemed agencies such as Havas, Contract India McCann Erickson, TBWA, Grey, and Ogilvy & Mather.

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