Bisleri Limonata has appointed Aditya Roy Kapur as its first brand ambassador and launched the #DoubleTheChill campaign featuring Kapur and Chunky Pandey in a beach setup. The campaign, created by Bisleri’s in-house team, highlights Limonata’s unique lime and mint flavor. Tushar Malhotra, Bisleri International’s director of sales and marketing, emphasizes their goal to build a strong brand in the carbonated beverage category, despite launching the campaign at the end of summer.

The media mix includes 50% for digital media, 20% for experiential marketing, 10% for TV (focusing on the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup), and 20% for trade channels. Bisleri’s carbonated drink business, which also includes Bisleri Pop, Bisleri Rev, and Bisleri Spyci Jeera, aims for a Rs 500 crore revenue target. The Limonata brand has driven significant growth, with a 30% increase in the carbonated drink business in April and May. Available in three SKUs, Limonata competes with international brands like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, as well as regional players.

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