Mumbai, June 4, 2024: Tata Mutual Fund leverages the growing popularity of Connected TV (CTV) advertising to reach potential investors and educate the existing customer base with its ‘Index Funds Simple Hai’ campaign. As a part of its ‘Desh Kare Nivesh’ initiative, the campaign demystifies the Index Funds category for investors through light-hearted everyday situations and relatable characters.

Through a series of three short ad films, the campaign uses humor and daily scenarios to convey a straightforward message: Life may be complicated, but investing doesn’t have to be. By comparing confusing academic theories, weight-loss jargon, and intricate recipes with the simplicity of investing through index mutual funds, Tata Mutual Fund shows that while life can be complicated, investing Doesn’t have to be. For example, one video compares solving a complex mathematical equation in a classroom to investing in an index fund, highlighting the ease of the latter.

The core idea of the campaign is the ease and simplicity of investing in index funds. Further, it sheds light on key attributes, such as lower fees, quick and hassle-free investment option and effortless mimicking of the market. Through this campaign, Tata Mutual Fund targets diverse range of audiences, from young professionals to seasoned individuals.

Prathit Bhobe, CEO and Managing Director, Tata Asset Management, said, “At Tata Mutual Fund, we are helping individuals make informed investment choices. Index funds are one of the smart options for investors of all backgrounds, offering the potential benefit of mirroring market indices with lower expense ratios. As per the latest available data, last year, index funds saw remarkable growth, with Average Net Assets under Management soaring from Rs. 1.69 lakh crore (April 2023) to over Rs. 2.18 lakh crore (April 2024), making them a prudent option for a well-rounded portfolio” (Source: AMFI)

The brand harnesses the power of CTV, complemented by social media and targeted online advertising, effectively addressing the evolving viewing habits, especially among younger demographics.

Tata Mutual Fund has collaborated with Hotstar for the campaign’s debut as part of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournament starting on June 3.

On the campaign launch, Ashish Pawar, Head-Marketing, Tata Asset Management, said, “We’re thrilled to harness the power of CTV and other digital platforms to demystify index funds. Our campaign aims to inspire a new generation of investors to invest in Index Funds aiming for long-term growth and success.”

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