EMGEE GROUP, a leading real estate developer in India, has announced the appointment of BigBrandTheory (BBT) as its official branding agency. BBT will focus on strategic innovation and creativity, developing a comprehensive branding strategy for EMGEE Group. This includes rebranding efforts and crafting communication for all upcoming luxury projects, encompassing the creation of marketing materials, a brand film, digital marketing, media campaigns, and innovative ideas.

With over three decades of experience in luxury real estate, EMGEE Group has set high standards for luxury living through its sharp design aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and stellar innovation. The group has constructed over 3 million square feet of residential and commercial real estate across Mumbai, Lonavala, and Goa, establishing itself as a leading luxury real estate developer with a focus on branded resorts and residences in India. EMGEE Group is known for its expertise, originality, human-centric approach, and collaboration with renowned architects like Sanjay Puri and global partners in the architecture and construction ecosystem.

Commenting on the agency’s appointment, EMGEE Group’s Founder & CMD Mudhit Gupta said, “We’ve chosen to partner with BBT as they truly understand our company’s values and vision, helping us to elevate our brand identity as we continue to expand our footprint in the real estate sector. The luxury housing segment holds a lot of promise, and our vision is to be the most preferred luxury real estate developer by the next decade. We are confident that BBT’s expertise and creative approach will help us on this ambitious growth path.”

Pravin Shah, Founder of BigBrandTheory, added, “We are happy to be brought on board as EMGEE Group’s trusted branding and creative partner. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality, results-driven branding solutions and crafting unique identities that enable brands like EMGEE to make a mark in a competitive market such as real estate. We look forward to collaborating closely with EMGEE Group to bring their projects to life and support their vision for growth and success.”

Recognized as India’s premier design studio with over two decades of expertise and numerous awards, BigBrandTheory (BBT) specializes in crafting distinctive brand stories and identities for a global clientele. The agency’s mission has always been to forge iconic brands through powerful storytelling, ensuring they remain relevant and impactful over time. BBT’s portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from revamping major brands to spearheading government initiatives and corporate rebranding efforts.

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